• I would like to share good news regarding my usage of Magical Telescope.

    l have short sightedness of optical power 3.50 right eye,3.25 left eye. l used the device 10 to 15 times daily. After 3 months usage,l began to feel my eyes are uncomfortable and tired while wearing my present spectacle. After 5 months of continuous using the device,I went to check my vision power. The result shows my right eye power has reduced from 3.50 to 2.75, left eye from 3.25 to2.25. This indicates using the device daily has improved my vision.My mission is not to wear spectacle anymore in the very near future thus save money.By using the device daily,those with good vision can prevent eye problem, while poor vision as treatment for better and healthy eyes.

    Mr Tay PK (55 years old, Selangor)