Message From CEO

Message from CEO

Oxylife has been carrying out research to develop physiotherapy equipments that are advance and capable of meeting the needs of the public. These equipments marketed throughout the years have promoted the use of physical therapy in public health care.

Besides this, Oxylife is also keen in establishing a platform for like-minded entrepreneurs who share the same passion to learn from one another and work towards achieving their goals.

However, Oxylife places a high demand on all aspiring entrepreneurs to abide by its core business values which stresses on integrity, care and mutual help and trust. Our underlining philosophy is that even though not everything can be accomplished as desired, each undertaking must be carried out conscientiously with the ultimate aim of serving society.

Our main mission is to provide access to a wide range of information on the essence of physical therapy and also the planning and execution on the knowledge with regards to the use of the equipments to promote good health in the comfort of the home.

It is worth noting that Oxylife offers an international platform for wealth sharing. It provides young entrepreneurs who enter the international business arena a platform to develop mutual help through its creative marketing. Moreover, our operating philosophy is to make our products available via a low start-up cost and we aim to develop a simple system to improve long term medical treatment and therapy.

Our company's motto is "serve society, serve people and serve from your heart".

Elvis Teo
CEO, Oxylife Sdn. Bhd.