Prevent cornea abnormality, prevent feather like turbidity in the lens that causes change in the refractive index.
2Eye Care
Prevent dryness of eyes fatigue and blurred vision. It can also prevent and / or delay the degeneration in condition such as glaucoma and cataract.
Relieve stress, helps to relax the muscles around the eyes.
4Improve Circulation Of The Capillaries
Reactivate / regenerate the cells & tissues to improve eye sight.
5Short & Long Sightedness
Delay the degeneration of the lens.
6Enhance The Flexibility And Strength Of The Eyes Muscles
While using IZON, it exercises the eyes muscles to enhance the flexibility & strength of the ocular muscles.
7Promotes Metabolism
Blood circulation.
8Pressure Acupoints
Regulate the channels & meridians around the eyes, and improve the flow of Qi and Blood in the meridians.
9Strabismus Correction
The programme in the device can help regulate congenital & acquired strabismus.
10Cornea Rehabilitation
Relieve fatigue & tiredness. Improve metabolism & help in regeneration.

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